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Football Ball On Grass in a Stadium

Y’all, in the south there is nothing like a football game.  It is almost a religious event.  Friday nights at the high school game, or Saturdays at the college game, and Sundays for the Big Games.  Then it all leads to the last big game.  The Super Bowl is the BIG ONE.  We all sit around and munch on food and root for our favorite team.  Heck, y’all, I know people that only watch the game for the commercials.  I can not believe the millions of dollars spent on these 30 second spots that we look forward too, just so they can sell us something.

Well my favorite thing about the BIG GAME is the food.  I love all the finger foods and different kinds of sandwiches we pile on the tables.  Well I decided to gather together some of my favorite ones right here so y’all could find them easier, and possibly make them part of your Super Bowl party.

These will all open up in a new window for you so you don’t lose your place here.

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