Fried Green Tomato Burgers


Hey Y’all.  As everyone knows, I am currently on vacation at Moms.  As you’ve seen on recent posts, her garden is going crazy with tomatoes.   We picked up a bunch of green ones that had fallen off the vines.  I decided to make up some fried green tomatoes.  Then I find out mom is making hamburgers for lunch.  HMMMM…. I love a tomato on my burger, I wonder how it would taste to have fried green tomatoes on the hamburger.  Well guess what….OMG, they are delicious.  Y’all just have to try these.  They are wonderful.  Sorry about the pictures, all I had was my I-Phone and these babies were disappearing fast so I had to snap some quick pics.  So get out there and fire up the grill, pick some tomatoes out of the garden, or head to the farmers market and get some of these green beauties and ENJOY.


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  1. This sounds great, wonder why no one thought of it before

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