Broken Eggs for Easter


Well now that I am trying to add all the Easter recipes to my site that I can come up with, a friend sent me a link to North Dakota Kitchen’s website.  This is such a funny thing to do to trick your friends.  Now I haven’t made a whole lot of candies from chocolate, but this is one I’d love to try. You all need to check out their website to see exactly how it is done.  Who knows, maybe I will give it a try, possibly add some coloring to the white chocolate and make them look like Easter eggs.

Let me know if any of you give it a try.

Materials Needed
12 baked mini cupcakes, flavor your choice
Ready made white frosting
Home made or store bought lemon curd
White melting chocolate, I use almond bark
plastic Easter eggs
paint brush
empty egg crate

*Recipe and picture from North Dakota Kitchen’s website.

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  1. thanks for the feature!! what a wonderful site you have!

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