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Candied Bacon

Now this is not your ordinary bacon to accompany your eggs and toast.  Then again, I can’t see why it couldn’t.  This candied bacon is an amazing substitute for [...]

April 23, 2016

Dijon-Maple Chicken

I just enjoyed one of the best weeks I have in some time.  One of my best friends came down from Virginia to celebrate our birthdays.  Being only 6 days apart, we find it [...]

March 10, 2016

Southern Gooey Pecan Pie Bars

Y’all, in the south the pecan pie rules.  Especially if your from Georgia.  I grew up eating my moms pecan pies only on holidays.  For some reason this is the only time [...]

February 8, 2016

Chicken Piccata

Have y’all ever had one of those days where you were just craving something special for dinner?  That was what my day was like.  For some reason I had been craving [...]

November 10, 2015

German Chocolate Cake

If I had to pick the one cake that my mom made when I was growing up that I liked the most, this would be it.  Yes I loved the strawberry banana cake she made for me on my [...]

October 26, 2015

Christmas Rum Cake

There is nothing more delicious than this amazing rum cake.  It is not as hard as you would think either.  It just takes a bit of time on your part to make it turn out so [...]

September 27, 2015

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